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Venus et Fleur Houston flagship

Is there anything more romantic than receiving fresh flowers on Valentine’s Day? Bouquets of red roses have become the quintessential symbol of eternal love. And yet, after a week or so, their once lush and vibrant petals wither and fade. Enter Venus et Fleur: Founded in 2015, the company has become beloved for its lavish arrangements of eternity roses that address this very problem  — real flowers that have been carefully preserved to last all year long. Opened just ahead of Valentine’s Day, its Houston flagship, designed by Brooklyn-based retail specialists Ringo Studio, translates the elegance of the brand’s signature arrangements into an equally refined interior.

Venus et Fleur Houston flagship

Marking Venus et Fleur’s tenth boutique to open across the U.S., the Houston location is the first to feature its recent rebrand, also led by Ringo Studio. The company’s new product lines — namely its debut collection of homewares, including vases, marble bowls, porcelain trays and floral-inspired glassware  —  necessitated a rethink of its approach to merchandising. “Our creative partnership began by focusing on the brand’s larger retail strategy by assessing their goals and understanding the range of their product offering. This led us to an evolved kit-of-parts that optimizes brand education and product storytelling and defines a larger design playbook to support the company’s future growth,” explains Madelynn Ringo, founder and director of Ringo Studio.

Venus et Fleur Houston flagship

Seeking to reflect the timeless quality of Venus et Fleur’s floral offerings, the designers drew from the clean lines and balanced symmetry of classical architecture. Painted in a pistachio-coloured limewash and outfitted with a cluster of pedestal displays that resemble Ionic columns in miniature, the entrance offers a point of transition from the street onto the main retail floor.

Bouquets of roses displayed in arched recessed shelving

Further inside, the products are displayed in elegantly arched niches that recall the architectural rhythm of a cloister. At the back of the store, tucked behind a monolithic table and centred between displays of homewares, Ringo Studio inserted a trademark made-for-Instagram moment: an immersive content room complete with rose-patterned curtains and larger-than-life floral sculptures. The space will continue to evolve, offering shoppers a unique experience every time they visit.

Venus et Fleur Houston flagship

The flagship’s minimal, yet luxurious material palette, exudes a sense of quiet luxury, while taking a backseat to the vibrant bouquets on display. Though the diamond patterned ceramic floor, green marble tiles and brass details selected often skew more traditional, Ringo has employed them in a contemporary way.

Bouquets of red roses on display in recessed shelving

Behind the product displays, cream-coloured fluted panels offer a subtly textured backdrop, softly lit to highlight the colourful florals, merchandised by colour to create an ombré effect that moves from pearly hues to traditional red and deeper-toned, moodier blooms. This thoughtful detailing reflects the brand’s focus on craftsmanship and quality.

Room with floral curtains and oversized rose sculptures

“Venus et Fleur symbolizes the myriad expressions of love, and our vision for the store’s design was to encapsulate the many facets of this universal human emotion – from romance and flirtation to a deep, enduring connection,” explains Ringo.

Venus et Fleur’s Valentine’s Day pop-up in Soho. PHOTO: Venus et Fleur.

Ringo Studio also designed Venus et Fleur’s Valentine’s Day pop-up in Soho, New York City, which features the same oversized floral elements, and is open until February 18.

A Houston Floral Boutique Embodies Enduring Romance

Completed just in time for Valentine’s Day, Venus et Fleur’s latest flagship, designed by retail specialists Ringo Studio, is imbued with timeless elegance.

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