Wallpaper that will wow you

Wallpaper that will wow you
Marcel Wanders' Whispers collection for Graham & Brown

The latest from Graham & Brown, Maharam, Timorous Beasties, and Trove.

1 Whispers by Graham & Brown

Designed by Marcel Wanders, the master of whimsy, this collection offers four textured patterns. The velvet flocking in the form of key-bearing fairies, muses floating in the forest, braille-inspired dots and clusters of rose beds is set against black paper with a slight sheen.

Wallpaper that will wow you 02

2 Jesus Bugs by Maharam Digital Projects

This collection of large-scale wall coverings continues to grow. The latest additions include Jesus Bugs (named after the water-striding Gerridae insects), which is based on the iconic Charley Harper print. It’s the first re-edition for Maharam Digital Projects and also includes Harper’s 1968 illustration Wrented, which depicts two tiny birds taking up residence in a human skull.

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3 Rorschach by Timorous Beasties

These vibrant abstract designs by the ever-subversive Scottish studio take inspiration from both the psychological inkblot test and the kinds of bed stains you’d find in a neglected rental apartment or country home. Despite that ew!-factor, the damask patterns are striking in an eye-popping psychadelic kind of way.

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4 Redeux and Marquee by Trove

Like most of this New York studio’s work, the Redeux (a PVC-free paper) and Marquee (paper embossed with glass beads) coverings reference the natural world. Trees at dusk, swirling leaves and bursts of lotus blossoms and poppies all served as inspiration for this collection.

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