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The splendour of Utah’s Rocky Mountains. Verdant rolling landscapes of Texas hill country. Rugged, woodland charm in New York’s Westchester County. Crisp blue skies above Austin’s growing skyline. For designers, these majestic landscapes are a locus of inspiration — and an opportunity to create unique homes rooted in a sense of place. Below, we take a look at four striking homes where windows and doors from Western Window Systems make the most of the landscape.

Rocky Mountain Time

Long before the design took shape, the spectacular view of Lake Utah and the Rocky Mountains spoke volumes. From an elevated site above Provo, the property owner envisioned a home that embraces the scenery. For Blackbox Design Studios architect Richard McCann, the challenge was to create a residence that maintains the feeling of natural immersion.

“The entire design of the home was centred on the lot and its views of the valley below,” explains McCann. “So the idea was to try to get as much glass as possible on the home’s west facade, where the views were.”

Used across both stories, Western Window System’s sleek Series 600 window-wall installations were an optimal solution, letting in the Utah sunshine through the high-performance dual-paned glass. And while the ample natural light bathes the space, the low U-values and thermally broken aluminum frames ensure an efficient facade. To support a truly indoor-outdoor lifestyle, the fixed windows are also seamlessly paired with Series 600 multi-slide doors.

Hill Country Vistas

On a steep and wooded lot in Texas hill country, an understatedly elegant contemporary home meets the vista. Designed by Adam Steiner of Cornerstone Architects, the U-shaped abode maximizes the connection to the landscape — with Western Window System’s Series 600 window walls and sliding doors once again a pivotal element of the design.

“We chose Western Window Systems because we wanted to get the largest glass sizes possible, while maintaining a very thin frame around the profile,” says Steiner. And while the contemporary, minimalist design is a fine complement for the home’s streamlined aesthetic, the Series 600 installations also prove a highly functional solution, ensuring ease of use and long-lasting durability.

Art Meets Nature in New York State

In a quiet corner of Westchester County, Carol Kurth Architecture + Interiors designed a home immersed in nature — and art. While the Hudson Valley’s bucolic woodland setting offered plenty of inspiration in its own right, the homeowners wanted a space that celebrates nature while showcasing their impressive indoor and outdoor art collection. Here, Series 600 windows and multi-slide doors are combined with the Series 900 hinged door to complete a streamlined modern retreat. (Read more about the home in our previous coverage).

Austin City Limits

From behind a thicket of trees, the panorama of Austin’s growing skyline served as a genesis for a striking design. “The house is first and foremost a view house, and as such, the fenestration was the top priority in the project,” says Ryan Burke, principal at A Parallel Architecture, describing a home where openness is paramount.

“The building is conceived as a series of projecting terraces, each with its own unique views and solar exposure,” Burke explains. “The north and east sides of the home have extensive glazing, and a series of large sliding doors reinforce the indoor-outdoor connectivity that was so important to the clients.”

The Series 600 Window Wall provides vast views of the oak tree-topped hills that cradle the 1.24-acre property, while Series 600 Multi-Slide Doors run the length of the living room and hallway, disappearing into pockets to open the entire area up to a wooden deck skirting an infinity pool. “The primary outdoor space, centred around a negative-edge pool, is elevated and situated within an L-shaped floor plan, allowing for comfortable indoor-outdoor living in an otherwise untraversable lot,” Burke says.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Western Window Systems.

Picture Perfect: Four Homes that Frame the Landscape

From New York woodlands to Texas hills, fixed windows by Western Window Systems create homes that embrace the great outdoors.

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