No Strings Attached: These Wireless USB Lamps Can be Taken Anywere

No Strings Attached: These Wireless USB Lamps Can be Taken Anywere

Ingo Maurer, Grok Lighting, Davide Groppi, Vibia and Tobias Grau showcase minimal, wireless USB lamps that can be transported wherever illumination is needed.



Wireless USB lamps: Koyoo

Ingo Maurer designer Axel Schmid created this delicate, minimal table lamp, launched earlier this year at Light + Building in Germany. The LED source is hidden in the narrow base, and the shade is a round sheet of paper that the user can replace with any shape desired. 


2  Cocktail

Wireless USB lamps: Cocktail

At 215 mm tall, this diminutive lamp is the perfect scale to blend in with the glassware on a table in a restaurant or home. The light, whose cylindrical base and swivelling head are made from durable aluminum, is available in black or white.


3  Calvino

Wireless USB lamps: Calvino

Balancing one circular plane over another, this piece from Davide Groppi uses a reflective underside on the adjustable upper disc to cast a soft glow downwards or against a wall.


4  Musa

Wireless USB lamps: Musa

Created by members of Stockholm collective Note Design Studio, Vibia’s Musa rests an opal glass sphere inside a bowl sculpted from textured aluminum. It’s available in wired and rechargeable iterations, with a base in grey, white or matte pink.


5  Parrot

Wireless USB lamps: Parrot

This battery-powered floor lamp from Tobias Grau is ready to follow you anywhere. The round head is both rotatable and tiltable, and the height adjusts between 98 and 140 cm. It’s available this fall in white, black, blue, and orange.

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