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Best of NeoCon 2019
Torre by HBF, NeoCon 2019
5 Great Tables We Saw at NeoCon 2019
Nienkämper Emphasizes Workplace Wellbeing at NeoCon 2019
NeoCon 2019: Previewing Five Standout Contract Debuts
Chemetal Embraces Ambiance With Moving to Mood Metal Design Collection
Best of NeoCon 2019
Best of NeoCon 2019
Torre by HBF, NeoCon 2019

The free-range workspace culture is still going strong, but there is still a need for designated meeting zones equipped with tables that can handle a crowd. Debuting at NeoCon last week, these conference-style tables by Versteel, Coalesse, HBF and more offer superb functionality to offices as well as commercial and hospitality environments. 

MoreThanFive by Coalesse
Coalesse, MoreThanFive, NeoCon 2019

Following their successful collaboration on the ultra-lightweight carbon fibre LessThanFive chair, Coalesse and British industrial designer Michael Young this year previewed its complementary yet polar opposite MoreThanFive table. Still an exploration into materials, the focus this time around was on something considerably more substantial – cast iron.   

Coalesse, MoreThanFive, NeoCon 2019

Aimed at providing a stable foundation for teams to work, meet and socialize at, MoreThanFive features a solid cast-iron base – a material known for its durability and recyclability – which can be clear-coated or painted in two metal-look finishes, and frosted-glass tabletop that puts the mix of materials on full display. The work-height table is offered in round, square or rectangular formats in a range of sizes. LessThanFive was given an update this year as well, with the introduction of 11 fresh new paint finishes. coalesse.com 

Inform by Davis Furniture
Davis Furniture, Inform, NeoCon 2019

Part of a larger collection focused on bringing functionality to everyday workspaces without compromising beauty, the Inform tables emphasize craftsmanship and attention to detail. Subtle curves and clean lines give each piece a relaxed elegance. Work- and bar-height versions are offered as are a variety of power options, including strip, single outlet and under-surface edge units. 

Davis Furniture, Inform, NeoCon 2019
Davis Furniture, Inform, NeoCon 2019

The simple designs utilize a variety of materials for the tabletops, including veneer with solid wood edge band, veneer with painted edge, solid wood or Fenix laminate with painted edge, giving them an aesthetic versatility to suit nearly any type of space. davisfurniture.com 

Thea by Versteel
Thea by Versteel, conference tables, Neocon 2019

Tables with integrated power sources are commonplace these days, but not many do it as beautifully as Thea does. Italian designer Roberto Lucci has elevated the basic table with the addition of four ultra-slender hairpin legs that wrap around as many circular end caps, each containing two USB ports to provide multiple power sources to every corner. Cable management is sleekly contained within a tubular understructure, furthering the minimalist design. 

Thea by Versteel, conference tables, Neocon 2019
Thea by Versteel, conference tables, Neocon 2019

Thea is available with a square, rectangular or circular tabletop in a variety of sizes. Each surface format is available in laminate, veneer or Corian and the striking legs can be specified in a range of the brand’s powder coat or plating finishes. versteel.com 

Array by Senator
Array by Senator, Conference Tables, NeoCon 2019

For spaces that need to conform and perform for a variety of scenarios, the Array table system by Senator delivers ultimate adaptability. Built around a gas-powered flip-top surface in six different shapes, the series includes two base styles – one single-sided, one two-sided – both mounted on sturdy castors to make moving them around a cinch. 

Array by Senator, Conference Tables, NeoCon 2019
Array by Senator, Conference Tables, NeoCon 2019

Configurations possibilities are vast, with the different shapes able to form large crescents, hexagons, linear arrangements and more. Adding to the versatility are four fixed-top formats (trapezoid, crescent, polygon and half-round), integrated power connectivity and cable management systems that can be accessed from the rear, top or sides. Multiple finish options are available for the tabletops, including wood-look and laminates.  thesenatorgroup.com 

Torre by HBF

Inspired by the shape of a cake platter and named after the Italian word for tower, Torre’s most commanding element is without a doubt its hefty columnar base. While the pillars could have been overwhelming, the structures taper as they rise to give an overall impression of visual lightness. Seemingly held slightly aloft, the table’s bullnose solid ash surface has a slender profile, which contributes to the airy effect. 

Torre by HBF, NeoCon 2019

Power is fed from the floor through the conical bases to efficiently corral cords and keep clutter out of sight, and the surface-integrated outlets can be positioned in various spots on the round and rectangular versions. Torre’s base can be ash- or Corian-veneer and the table is available in multiple sizes.  hbf.com 

A perennial leader in contemporary furniture, Nienkämper’s commitment to forward-looking design shines through in a series of thoughtful – and elegant – product debuts at NeoCon 2019. Targeting workplace comfort, wellbeing and collaboration, Nienkämper’s six new and expanded collections elevate any office environment with bespoke functionality and uncompromised beauty.

Gateway All-In-One is a natural addition to the uncommonly versatile Gateway Collection. The height-adjustable workstations and table configurations offer a consistent design aesthetic that lends a sense of unity to highly individualized workstations. Clean lines and carefully selected details create a modern, minimalist, and quietly luxurious look, while hidden storage adds even greater functionality to every workspace.

Gateway Height Adjustable Media Wall Table provides an adaptive platform that incorporates an upholstered screen for space division, auditory and visual privacy, and multi-media connectivity. At the touch of a button, the media wall deftly transforms meeting tables to create multimedia solutions for communication, presentations and interactive workspaces. Easily adapted for open plan working environments, touchdown spaces, meeting tables and break out areas alike, the installation can double as a simple and elegant acoustic screen when not in use.

Totally reconfigurable and scalable, Heartbeat is composed of three distinct seating elements: Straight, Concave, and Convex. Repositioning these three elements allows for the creation of a myriad of uniquely undulating configurations. Resembling a wave or a pulse, the shape and direction of the alternating seating keeps guests from being seated back to back, making it easier to spark casual interaction. Designed to facilitate conversation, Heartbeat suggests sharing a “heart to heart” with your fellow human being.

Hub is a family of seating with clean lines and carefully contoured shape. Featuring gently sloping arms and an integral lumbar support for exceptional comfort, hub is defined by an uncluttered design of soft geometric forms and pleasing proportions. With a wide seat and comfortable backrest, the Hub chair offers three striking base designs – each with their own distinct style.

Plexus quietly pushes the envelope of engineering innovation in design. An elegant base anchors the table with a sense of stability and material simplicity that belies its technological sophistication. While a wood base option allows for power and data connections via a discrete conduit to the floor, the innovative construction of the aluminum base option allows for integrated power solutions to be concealed through the internal chamber of the legs. Available in three base sizes, Plexus is ideal for executive boardrooms, conference rooms and small meetings rooms.

Heartbeat Seating by Nienkamper
Heartbeat is composed of three distinct seating elements: Straight, Concave, and Convex. Repositioning these three elements allows for the creation of a myriad of unique, morphing, undulating, physical landscapes. The shape and direction of the alternating seating resembles a wave or a pulse, keeps guests from being seated back to back, and makes it effortless […]

Belle is a statement piece with a unique profile that catches the eye in any setting. Resting on a contemporary swivel disc-base, Belle strikes a fine balance between declarative style and an contoured, organic shape that is striking yet uncomplicated. With proportions that feel at ease in any interior design, Belle is a perfect fit for places where floor space is at a premium.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Nienkamper.

Tatami System by Tarkett

Meeting the demands of the ever-changing workplace, the Tatami System of broadloom is a creative and flexible alternative to carpet tiles or fixed broadloom. Inspired by traditional Japanese Tatami, Tarkett’s new flooring system is a collection of four differently sized and shaped yet compatible modules that can be arranged and rearranged, expanded and contracted, covering as much as the floor plane as desired (with a resealable connection that requires no attachment to the sub-floor).

Made from tightly woven nylon fibres, the rugs are durable and stain-resistant while being soft and comfortable under foot. tarkettna.com

BuzziDish by BuzziSpace

A promising standout in the field of acoustic treatments, BuzziDish by Belgian designer Jeffrey Huyghe is a three-dimensional wall panel with the vague recollection of an old-school satellite dish. The upholstered saucer’s concave design is made from a perforated structure and acoustic foam core interior, which absorbs sound waves to contribute to an acoustically balanced workspace.

Upping its functionality, BuzziDish features a rotating connector that allows it to be orientated into different positions as needed. Installed as a single piece or arranged in a series, the fixture is as much sculpture as it is sound mitigator. buzzi.space

Havn Seating by Studio TK

Wanting to create a space within a space, design duo Flemming Busk and Stephan Hertzog of Busk+Hertzog developed Havn for Studio TK, a series of high-backed sofas and chairs that block out distractions, both visual and audible, thanks to their sculpturally folded wings.

The Scandi-inspired seats feature a gently curved wooden frame that wraps nearly all the way around the upholstered bodies, leaving an intentional void at the back for some visual interest. The versatile collection also includes low-back versions of the settees and lounge chairs, ideal for more casual interactions and collaborative work. studiotk.com

Xorel Knit by Carnegie

Carnegie has translated its sustainable and versatile Xorel interior textile into an upholstery version. Made on a high-tech knitting machine, Xorel Knit has the ability to stretch and recover and can wrap tightly around complex curves and corners. Four patterns are included in the debut collection, including a traditional small-scale herringbone with a modern twist, a classic houndstooth and a magnified plaid.

The handsome and durable upholstery textiles exceed one million rubs in abrasion, are bleach cleanable and puncture resistant. carnegiefabrics.com

Ambit Wall Lamp by Muuto

Stockholm-based TAF Studio has expanded its Ambit series of lighting with the addition of a wall-mount version. Made from hand-spun and hand-painted aluminum, the lamp features a white interior shade to help enhance light emission, and the LED is position in the upper portion of the shade in order to offer direct light without glare.

Ambit’s arm can be rotated 120 degrees on its axis and its shade can be turned 60 degrees in either direction, bringing a functional lighting solution to offices, library study corners, hallways and other spaces. This year during NeoCon, Muuto will also be opening the doors to its new – and first-ever – North American flagship showroom. muuto.com

As the architecture and design world convened in Chicago for this month’s NeoCon 2019, the annual industry trade show once again showcased the best in everything from contract furniture and textiles, to lighting and materials. In a crowded field of global design debuts, Chemetal‘s new Moving to Mood collection was a quietly compelling standout.

This new collection of seven metal designs is all about mood. Featuring a predominantly neutral palette, Moving to Mood draws on darker colourways with subtle metal undertones to create the luxurious ambiance of time-honoured metals like brass, bronze, copper and zinc.

Eschewing pattern, Moving to Mood makes its presence felt with the subtle richness of layered metal designs. While pattern isn’t completely negated – there is some repetition in these new materials – the emphasis is now on full sheet moods, whether in printed or hand created designs.

“Design professionals use Chemetal in so many different ways, and pattern, with all its geometries, can get in the way of that,” says Chemetal President and Creative Director Geoff Schaefer. “If a designer wants a slightly iridescent brass or a darkened bronze for a featured wall, background panel or accent, these new metal designs are ideal.”

Subtle iridescence, trending right now, is found in the new design Chemetal #621 Fugue Aluminum, a designer favourite at NeoCon. Implying both split personality traits and the melodic interweaving that define “fugue,” this design can at first appear as a light brass with playful blueish green undertones. When the eye moves to the side, it darkens to a more masculine brass tone. It’s a cool effect.

“Besides mood, this new collection is inspired by historical civilization building metals from the tool-making metal ages,” says Schaefer. “The material names, like Empire, Civilization and ProtoDynastic reflect that vision. Of course, we named one ‘Moon Patrol,’ after an ’80s video game, because it looks lunar but unlike the Moon, this surface has a lot of life on it.”

The combination of subtle sheen and slightly reflective surfaces elevates each of the seven designs, accentuating the presence – and mood – of metal. The designs all use aluminum as a base metal and are available in a standard size of 4′ by 8′.

Chemetal, Moving to Mood finishes

For Massachusetts-based Chemetal, the new collection is the latest in a growing portfolio of over 100 metal designs and laminates. The second generation family-owned business makes many of its designs in-house – deep brushing and aging, darkening and adding patinas by hand and machine. The company also sources the best metal designs from top producers in North America, Germany and Japan. Ideal for vertical and light duty horizontal use, Chemetal is specified and installed in a wide range of mostly commercial interior projects in hospitality, retail, corporate, signage, furniture, restaurant, and arena environments.

With Moving to Mood, Chemetal has continued its focus on both mood and neutral tones. The company is already producing varying shades of darkened linear and ambient metal designs in aluminum, brass and copper.  Moving to Mood expands this portfolio to offer the design community greater choices, and an easier way to specify and install metals. All of which should put everyone in a pretty good mood.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Chemetal.