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2024 Australian Architecture Conference

The 2024 Australian Architecture Conference in Melbourne is fast approaching. The conference explores how architects are changing the game and shaping the future of architecture, pushing boundaries and redefining norms. The 2024 Australian Architecture Conference is not only a platform for learning and professional growth but also an invaluable networking opportunity.


  • Six eminent local and international architects talks and announcement of the Institute’s 2024 Gold Medallist.
  • Bondor Metecno Gala Dinner, hearing from three Gold Medal recipients.
  • Presentations at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre that will provide an opportunity to tailor ones conference experience through a menu of immersive seminars and energetic panel discussions and an industry led exhibition.
  • 10 CPD formal points available across the two days.
  • Alongside the two conference days delegates are invited to attend the pre-conference Wellbeing of Architects [education + practice] symposium.

Seminar Themes:

  • Room 1 – Landscapes and Architecture
    • Kaunitz Yeung Architects open this multifaceted thematic exploration with dramatic landscapes of vastness and remoteness, providing the critical contextual backdrop for the practice’s work, the arc of which has evolved around a core commitment to participatory design process.
  • Room 2 – Neighbours and Connection
    • Through insights and projects presented by near neighbours on a global scale, this program stream explores the notion of neighbour and offers a window into practice within their diverse locations sited across the Pacific Ocean and north into the Indian Ocean.
  • Room 3 – Here and There
    • Three architects expanding notions of architectural practice through genre-breaking work – from product development, events and exhibitions, to counter-mapping and curated voyages – offer a collection of reflections on the theme ‘here and there’ in this program segment.

Action Stations:

  • Talking Architecture
    • This discussion delves into the vital role of effective communication in enhancing public understanding of design’s impact on our lives.
  • Towards Zero Carbon
    • Join the National Climate Action and Sustainability Committee (NCASC) for an ‘Action Station’ session, where industry experts will share insights on navigating the path to net zero carbon.
  • Empowering the Profession through Legislation
    • Explore how architects can actively shape legislative frameworks by collaborating with policymakers during the drafting process.
  • Four Decades of Residential Architecture
    • Chaired by Patrick Kennedy, this panel session will explore four decades of Australian residential architecture through the winners of the Robin Boyd Award for Residential Architecture 1981-2021.
  • Indigenizing the Built Environment
    • Explore the intersection of architecture, culture, and community in this enlightening panel session. Dr Michael Mossman presents ground-breaking research on indigenising the built environment, shedding light on the National Standard of Competency for Architects and its cultural considerations.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Design and Education
    • From generative design to predictive analytics, the panel of experts will delve into the transformative impact of AI on the architectural profession.
We rely on advertising revenue to support the creative content on our site. Please consider whitelisting our site in your settings, or pausing your adblocker while stopping by.
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