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3form’s Biophilic Graphic Patterns collection

The average North American spends about 90 per cent of their time indoors. It’s a statistic that is not entirely surprising, particularly in the age of work-from-home, but one that can impact us more than we might believe. For those especially set in their ways or without ready access to the great outdoors, it can be challenging to change the lifestyles to which we have grown accustomed. But what if we could experience all the benefits of being in nature from the comfort of indoors? This aim was the driver of 3form’s latest materials collection, which harnesses the power of biophilia combined with striking graphic patterns to bring wellness to the built environment.

Aspen panel by 3form
Aspen depicts rows of tree trunks with texturized cutouts that resemble crisp, white bark. From afar, Aspen resembles an irregular pinstripe, but up close the bark reveals the complexity and texture of the bark.

Scientists have studied the benefits of biophilic spaces since 1964, which range from increased productivity to decreased stress levels, making them particularly effective in workspaces, educational facilities, and health and wellness settings. While these public spaces often require visual privacy, they must also prioritize access to natural light and withstand high traffic. Offered in the brand’s trademark Varia ecoresin as well as etched glass, 3form’s Biophilic Graphic Patterns are designed to address these very needs.

Serotina desk dividers by 3form
Serotina, the most delicate of the trio depicts a deconstructed Black Cherry leaf, highlighting the veins and stem as natural light passes through its negative space.

On top of meeting these technical requirements, 3form’s new collection gives designers the ability to infuse commercial spaces with a warm, organic aesthetic. The line is available in a range of nine earth tones curated from the brand’s 2022 Color Collection that complement its nature-inspired motifs.

Heartwood panel by 3form
Heartwood is an abstract tree trunk, marked with thin, sharp lines inside an asymmetrical circle.
Etched glass Heartwood samples by 3form
3forms Biophilic Graphic Patterns etched in glass brings a beautifully sophisticated refined look to a space.

The first, Aspen, draws inspiration from dense forests with a richly textured striation that resembles bark, adding depth to any space. Another tree-inspired print, Heartwood, plays on asymmetrical, organic forms in its interpretation of a trunk’s cross-section. Serotina is the most transparent of the three, with a delicate illustration of the veins and stems of black cherry tree leaves that renders spaces with a beautiful interplay of light and shadow.

Heartwood desk dividers by 3form
3form’s high resolution printing capabilities allows designers to print images that span over large areas with precision.

All three of the designs in the collection are created using precise high-resolution digital printing, which allows for large-scale formats and varied opacities. Taking the customization even further, each motif is available at different scales, making them versatile enough to suit any interior. At smaller scales, 3form’s Biophilic Graphic Patterns inject spaces with subtle sophistication, while bolder, larger-scale prints make for an impactful statement. No matter the colour, pattern, or size, the collection helps to delineate space, filter in natural light, and is durable and easy to clean.

3form’s Biophilic Graphic Patterns collection
Play with scale to create and fit different aesthetics and looks depending on the design space.

“This collection celebrates the duality between perfection and imperfection,” 3form Vice President of Design, Christian Darby explains. “The patterns are digitally printed with precision and control, but we leverage nature’s irregularity to make them feel grounded and realistic.” Indeed, the collection expertly merges technology and nature to craft contemporary spaces that celebrate the rusticity of the outdoors.

3form’s Biophilic Graphic Patterns collection
The Biophilic Graphic Patterns collection is available in 9 color combinations curated from 3form’s 2022 Color collection, made up of a stunning range of neutrals from sandy golds, and deep blues and forest greens.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of 3form.

3form’s Biophilic Graphic Patterns Bring the Beauty of Nature Indoors

The brand’s new collection blends technology and organic motifs to create spaces that improve well-being.

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