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The process of job searching can be time consuming and often fruitless. That’s why Azure‘s job listings are so helpful – they’re a focused roster of international architecture and design opportunities geared specifically toward industry candidates.

Ranging from architecture and urban planning to industrial, interior and graphic design, the jobs encompass all skill and career levels. Here are just three among the dozens of intriguing posts that might be right for you.


Photo: Special Projects Studio

Graphic Designer, Special Projects (London, U.K.)

Special Projects Studio cares about “magic.” It’s one of their core design values, which also include “empathy,” “clarity,” and “experimentation.” Launched by industrial designer Clara Gaggero Westaway and experience designer Adrian Westaway (above), the London-based studio blurs the boundaries between industrial, experience and interaction design, all while placing a premium on invention. It’s a small studio of less than a dozen employees that work with such global clients as BBC, Samsung and Innovate UK.

This position combines UI design, branding, editorial and packaging. Previous projects range from designing theme parks and creating fun-looking Lego planners to thinking up new ways to make hospitals less stigmatizing. “We literally use techniques from magicians to push ourselves to make really unexpected and delightful solutions,” says Westaway. “Our clients trust us to get out of the studio and get in front of real users, and do proper empathic research before we even start designing. We don’t stop until we make things as simple and as clear as possible.”

Rewards and challenges: “We are a truly multidisciplinary studio and each project is massively different from one to the next,” says Westaway. “This makes things really interesting, as you are constantly learning new skills. Last year, we worked on creating a completely new theme park, from the rides through to the physical interactions as well as digital ones. The next project we took on was all about hospital experiences and engaging older people in technology. The next one was about future-smart accessories.”

Who should apply: “Someone who is genuinely excited by inventing new things for the first time and taking part in projects for real people that make a difference.”


Photo: Albert Vecerka-Esto

Architectural Designer, Andrew Franz Architect PLLC (New York)

Since 2003, Andrew Franz Architect of New York has built a diverse portfolio, from private houses to cultural and civic projects. Built around “elegant and humanistic” solutions – the above photo is of a Tribeca loft designed by the firm – the studio’s team of architects and interior designers are focused on timeless and client-centred design. As Architectural Designer, the ideal candidate would be someone who is comfortable executing both modern and contextually appropriate designs, and someone who is effortlessly collaborative.

“We are a close-knit team working within a casual but focused studio setting. Our firm is truly collaborative and we are constantly seeking out the opinions or critiques of others. Solutions are seldom that of one individual.”

Rewards and challenges: “Our day-to-day work, including this position, is always changing. It’s a rewarding challenge to flexibly move between working on concept development, drafting construction drawings, preparing a client presentation, coordinating with engineering or landscape consultants, and visiting a project site to answer questions from the contractor. But it’s participating in all phases and aspects of a project that keeps us engaged and learning.”

Who should apply: “We are looking for an individual who thrives in a collaborative setting, but who is also able to move forward with their tasks independently. This requires excellent communication skills, motivation and problem-solving skills. It is important that the candidate is a strong designer, but above all we need someone with great drafting and 3-D modelling abilities.”


Designer, Rapt Studio (New York)

Designers, says Rapt Studio, are at the core of this architectural studio. With three branches – in New York, L.A. and San Francisco – the firm specializes in strategy, brand design and designing environments for such clients as Lyft, HBO and Dropbox (who entrusted Rapt to design its new headquarters).

As for this position at the New York head office, you’ll need to be a quick learner and understand directions. Being a left-field thinker helps, too. Says CEO/CCO David Galullo: “Our people share a passion for design and understand how powerful design can solve seemingly impossible problems. We have created a safe haven for thinking beyond the logical boundaries and into the space of everything that could be.”

Rewards and challenges: “The rewards of the position are, in fact, the challenges,” says Galullo. “This role invites those looking for a more holistic and interdisciplinary approach to design, with an emphasis on strategy and design thinking. The complex challenges we face as a studio require solutions that are free from the constraints of a particular discipline or convention.

“You will work with talented people from multiple industries, including architecture, interior design, advertising, brand development, graphic design, and strategy. The purpose of our agile structure is to imagine a better process, a better space, a better world.”

Who should apply for this job: “Those who are not satisfied with the ‘what’ and the ‘how,’ but are ever-curious about the ‘why.’ Those who truly believe that beauty lies in the connections, that every day offers an opportunity to do something meaningful, and that design thinking can change the world for the better.”

And who should not apply for this job: “Anyone who is comfortable with the status quo. Anyone who believes that things are already as good as they get. Anyone who enjoys being comfortable.”

These openings perk your interest? Check out the entire the listings here. Looking to add a new team member to your workplace? Submit a job here.

We rely on advertising revenue to support the creative content on our site. Please consider whitelisting our site in your settings, or pausing your adblocker while stopping by.