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Every January, people make vows to reinvent themselves. And every January, people learn that it’s easier said than done. That’s why our job board is so helpful in finding international career opportunities geared specifically to design professionals.

From landscape architecture to interior design to urban planning, our board features a wide range of career and skill levels. Here, we’ve spotlighted two intriguing jobs – and a few others that deserve your attention.

Architectural Designer, Superkül (Toronto)

Superkül is frequently cited as one of Toronto’s top firms, even though it’s not a huge shop, with a team of 21 people. The 15-year-old practise, founded by Andre D’Elia and Meg Graham (above), has a diverse portfolio that includes houses, cottages, universities, retail, offices and restaurants. Its office is in the Junction Triangle, a west-end neighbourhood that will soon be home to MOCA, the Museum of Contemporary Art.

So, what’s it like to work there? The office is “highly collaborative and respectful,” says the firm. “In the same vein [we] offer an enhanced learning environment that encourages the development of a broad skill set, and thus the possibilities of career advancement. The calibre of work that we execute makes for a thoroughly engaging experience for everyone involved.”

The rewards: “The primary reward is that the firm strives for excellence in all of its work. Consequently, the position offers meaningful career development and a sense of pride in the pursuit and execution of a high standard of design, particularly given the diversity of project types.”

The challenges: “Working on multiple projects simultaneously” is one of the main challenges, says the firm, and that requires candidates to be efficient-time managers. Knowledge of and familiarity with the Ontario Building Code and the approvals process is beneficial. Superkül is a BIM-based (building information modelling) studio, so employees must have intermediate to advanced knowledge of Revit. Other challenges include the ability to balance aspects of design and constructability to achieve functionality within a project budget.

Who should apply for the job: Detail-oriented candidates who relish teamwork. “The ideal applicant possesses the patience and commitment to engage in a thoughtful, considered design process. Superior design and communication skills are required, along with the confidence to initiate leadership.” Apply here.



Urban Designer, Urban Strategies (Toronto)

For those passionate about urbanism and city-building, a position at Urban Strategies could be – and perhaps should be – your life’s work. The consultancy firm is made up of a team of architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners and experts in public administration and community consultation, and their goal is, in the firm’s own words, to guide “positive urban transformation and establishing innovative urban policy.”

Urban Strategies’ scope is firmly global, and it has tackled large-scale projects ranging from Princeton University’s 2026 Campus Plan to regeneration plans for the London Docklands and Singapore’s Greater Southern Waterfront. As for the job? Urban designers help clients “understand urban transformations and the implications to urban places,” using computer visualizations, urban systems analysis, virtual model simulations and video. “Our clients trust us to push the boundaries and deliver remarkable solutions that help pave the way toward project implementation,” says design partner Mark Reid.

The rewards and challenges: The firm takes on roughly 100 projects every year. Recent proposals include developing transit-oriented intensification plans for U.S. and Canadian cities, and plans to reinforce a mid-sized city as a cultural hub. The range of work makes for a really interesting work environment, says Reid. “It means we are constantly adjusting to new challenges, learning new skills. It keeps our thinking fresh.”

Who should apply for the job: “Someone who is truly interested in urban design and place-making. A creative individual who wants to share his or her thoughts and contributions as part of a collaborative team, and is an excellent team player. We are interested in ambitious, talented people who want to make great urban places.” Put in an application here.

More selections from Azure’s job board

Junior Environmental Designer, Fuseproject (San Francisco): A tremendous opportunity for a designer to establish themselves at Yves Béhar’s studio. Those with degrees in interior or product design should consider applying – the job involves everything from designing architectural layouts to custom furniture to environmental lighting. If that sounds appealing, take a closer look at the job requirements.

Intermediate Interior Designer, Diamond Schmitt Architects (Toronto): DSA has designed projects of all scales in Canada and beyond, with a portfolio that ranges from institutional to residential. Working as an intermediate interior designer here is a significant opportunity. Along with knowing your materials and finishes, another big part of the job is coordinating consultants, vendors and presentations.

Accessories Designer, Dyson (Malmesbury, U.K.): Yes, Dyson makes some of the world’s best vacuum cleaners and hair dryers. Working at Dyson as an accessories designer at the renowned U.K. company means working with the brand’s Research Design and Development Department, and it is all about conceiving the peripherals. Think: packaging and product storage.

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