Glass Fantastic: 5 New Light Fixtures from Euroluce

Glass Fantastic: 5 New Light Fixtures from Euroluce

These five fixtures from Euroluce, which took place concurrently with Salone del Mobile, scale up the magical effects of glass.


1 Noctambule by Flos

Noctambule, Flos, Euroluce

These big sculptural lights designed by Konstantin Grcic, which we featured in 2017 when they were still prototypes, created a sense of awe at Flos’s showroom in Milan. Made of cylindrical see-through glass, the fixtures are composed of bowl and cone modules that can be connected to create a standing column or pendant up to six segments long. An LED ring at the modules’ base is the sole light source.


2 73V by Bocci

Vancouver’s Bocci, headed by Omer Arbel, have been showing at Euroluce for a number of editions now. And the brand’s glass lighting deserves the international stage and acclaim it has garnered. As part of its display this year, Bocci showed a new version of 73, called 73V (above), with an oblong shape and gradient colour range. We’re still drawn to the brand’s wall-mounted and ceiling-suspended iterations of the 76 (below), which were released at the last Euroluce.

76, Bocci, Euroluce


3 Cubo by Linteloo

Cubo, Linteloo, Euroluce

These oversized lights by designer Joeny Veldhuyzen where stunning just for their proportions and milky hues. The glass lights are hand-blown in the Netherlands, then frozen in cubic mould to attain their glacial shape.


4 Melt by WonderGlass

Melt, WonderGlass, Euroluce

Nendo’s Shape of Gravity exhibition for WonderGlass dramatically showcased the Melt collection at Milan’s Istituto dei Ciechi. A counterpoint to the translucent furniture on display, the majestic Melt chandelier was impressive all on its own. The gravity-formed cast glass chandelier measured 2.3 metres in diameter and bounced shimmering light around the stage.


5 Traces by Lasvit

Traces, Lasvit, Euroluce

The Traces chandelier by the Czech glass masters of Lasvit performed its very own light show at Euroluce. In-house designers Kateřina Handlová and Katarína Kudějová Fulínová created a program allowing individuals to animate the fixture’s glass components by communicating their emotions to it. The result was a pulsating spectrum that washed over the already-impressive piece.

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