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Now a global leader in ceramic and porcelain tile, Marazzi grew from humble beginnings. Founded in the heartland of the Italian ceramics industry in Sassuolo in the 1930s, the company has evolved to become a major international presence. Drawing on a wealth of tradition as well as cutting-edge precision fabrication, the brand‘s new Crogiolo collections are a finely honed synthesis of craft tradition with industrial technology — and high style.

Named for the modest Sassuolo factory building where the Marazzi brand originated, the new series comprises a diverse array of new tiles united by a tactile aesthetic that deftly replicates hand-made ceramics through high-tech fabrication. Warm materials and elegantly patinated finishes elevate the collections, the creating surfaces rich in depth and texture.

Lume tiles on a bathroom wall, alongside a bathtub

The Lume collection is a case in point. A highlight of the Crogiolo series, the gloss-effect stoneware features a subtly textured, tonally varied finish that draws the eye while retaining a sense of aesthetic unity.

Crogliolo Lume beige wall tiles by Marazzi in open concept bedroom

What’s more, the exceptionally straight edges allow for nearly join-free installation, making for a seamless effect. Equally well-suited for both indoor and outdoor uses, the durable Lume tiles are available in a sleek — and unconventional — 6-by-24-centimetre format as well as 13 expressive colourways.

Inspired by both Moroccan and Italian ceramic traditions, the Zellige wall tiles are another standout. The 10-by-10-centimetre square format is offered in 12 shades, creating a visually balanced surface.

Zellige wall tiles in a range of green hues, shown in a living room setting.

While variations in the tone and texture of each slab add a subtle kinetic energy to the surface, the randomized placement of individual tiles creates a bespoke pattern across the wall.

Black and white Zellige tiles shown as a shower backsplash, part of the Marazzi Crogiolo collection

Inspired by historic collections from the Marazzi archive, the Scenario wall and floor tile series translates the hand-painted brush strokes of Italian Majolica ceramics (which date from the Renaissance era) into a contemporary showpiece.

A poolside setting show blue and white outdoor wall tiles in a seemingly randomized range of patterns

Available in three refined hues and a stylish range of decor patterns, the 20-by-20-centimetre slabs bring an artisanal flair to both indoor and outdoor spaces. And when the patterns are mixed, the result is a bold, eye-catching home accent.

A dining room scene with blue and white tiles with a wavy motif, part of the Scenario Crogiolo collection my Marazzi

For Marazzi, the Crogiolo series — which also include the Memoria, Rice, and D-Segni collections — is a celebration of history and progress, harnessing high-tech design and fabrication to create a new aesthetic signature. While heritage is central to the Marazzi ethos, so is evolution. Crogiolo is a testament to both.

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Marazzi Celebrates Ceramic Heritage with Contemporary Flair

The Crogiolo tile series artfully recreates artisanal craft with contemporary style and high-tech performance.

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