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Neolith Six.S collection

Responsible Elegance. For Spain’s Neolith – a global leader in Sintered Stone surfaces – these two words are the genesis for a set of simple yet transformative social and environmental principles that define the company’s striking new collection: Six.S.

It starts with Solidarity. Launched in the midst of the pandemic, a portion of the collection’s sales will be donated to global charities focused on COVID-19 relief – with a kilogram of food pledged for every square metre sold in 2020. While the Six.S collection’s proceeds will support pandemic aid, the inherently Sanitary and hygienic qualities of Sintered Stone also lend Neolith’s pioneering offering a timely advantage.

Compared to natural stone counterparts, Sintered Stone boasts a more uniform – and distinctly less porous – surface, making for exceptionally easy cleaning. The greater Strength and resistance of Neolith surfaces is another key advantage, allowing for durable installations in both indoor and outdoor applications. What’s more, the Six.S collection’s deftly tactile, textured surfaces introduce a Sensory quality seldom found in engineered stone.

Fabricated solely from natural materials – including granite, glass minerals and natural oxides – Neolith surfaces are easy on the planet. As of 2019, the company is entirely carbon neutral, with investments in production technology and green innovation continuing to drive greater Sustainability. And finally, as the half-dozen new Six.S styles show, the results offer plenty of Style too:

Summer and Winter Dala
Summer Dala

An uncommonly faithful and exacting woodgrain pattern, the Dala surfaces harness the cutting-edge texture and precision of Neolith surfaces to evoke majestic, slow-growing Swedish pine. Available in a warm finish of freshly cut timber (Summer) as well as an artfully weathered look (Winter), the finishes offer a sustainable – and exceptionally detailed – alternative to real wood.

Winter Dala

Inspired by the lush, dense ecology of its namesake rainforest, Neolith’s Amazonico pull together a wide range of tones and textures into an elegantly cohesive, unified whole. While rich dark tones create a compelling backdrop, vivid striations add an eye-catching, energetic accent.

Abu Dhabi White
Neolith Six.S collection

Drawing on the UAE’s resplendent Sheikh Zayed Mosque as a point of reference, Abu Dhabi White is a study in understated opulence. While the soft gold veining and flecks of flinty grey assert an unapologetically luxe presence, a pleasantly unpolished texture underscores the minimalism at the heart of the design. It looks – and feels – at once sumptuous and refreshingly simple.


A seamless combination of light and dark grey hues, Layla makes a bold, commanding statement that’s softened by its monochrome tranquility. Offered in a range of thicknesses and formats, Layla is also available in both a polished and natural slate finish.

Himalaya Crystal
Neolith Sintered Stone in the home of Cedric Grolet
Neolith’s Sintered Stone Pairs Elegance with Innovation
From the façade of a Frankfurt hotel to a Parisian pastry kitchen, the versatility of Sintered Stone creates new aesthetic possibilities.

An homage to the salt crystals and soaring peaks of the world’s tallest mountain range, Himalaya Crystal contrasts bold veining with a muted translucency to deliver a clean, crystalline appearance. A versatile choice – and a subtle standout.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Neolith. For more information visit www.neolith.com

Six.S: Neolith’s Bold New Styles Espouse a Global Conscience

Six timely principles guide the design and mandate of the latest innovation in Sintered Stone.

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