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Spotlight: Bathrooms
An Elegant Bathtub Hidden in Plain Sight
This Portable Toilet System is Made from Upcycled Medical Plastic
Tom Dixon’s Liquid Collection Gives Fixtures a Starring Role
At Leña Restaurant, Bathrooms Extend the Experience
4 Uplifting Pedestal Sinks
4 Powerful Shower Systems
4 Simple and Stylish Bathroom Cabinets
Spotlight: Bathrooms

Few things are more luxurious than a bathtub with a view — even (or maybe especially) if that view gives onto the interior of an elegant home. That’s the case in Endalt Arquitectes’ part-reno, part-new-build Calvari House, where an eccentric floor plan includes an unconventional bathroom layout.

Spanish firm Endalt Arquitectes sectioned off the other functional parts of the bathroom while keeping the bathtub exposed. The graphic backsplash is repurposed floor tile removed during the renovation.

The nearly 100-year-old home in Valencia, Spain, already had its fair share of character, from its ornamental wooden doors to the exposed stone walls of its original courtyard. To achieve an obvious distinction between...

A new project from creative activists To.org is attempting to solve two of our planet’s most pressing issues at once: the unequal access to clean sanitation in underserved communities and the accumulation of waste plastic in our oceans and landfills. “In our work in refugee settlements and urban slums, we witnessed first-hand the pressing need for safe and hygienic public and private toilets,” explains To.org co-founder Nachson Mimran.

“From public health and disease prevention to the safety of vulnerable people, including women and children after sundown, they are critically needed.” The resulting project is The Throne, a 3D-printed portable composting toilet made from upcycled medical plastic.


In his first full bathroom collection, Tom Dixon marries two quintessentially British vibes: Victorian opulence and punk attitude. The first informs the remarkable elegance that comes through in every sink, tap and tile of the Liquid line; the latter is just part and parcel of what Dixon does, which is to imbue all his designs with a look-at-me rock ’n’ roll irreverence.

The Liquid collection was launched by Turkish bathroom manufacturer VitrA last September during London Design Festival. A chunky aesthetic defines it, from the generous curves of the porcelain fixtures right down to the robustly rounded brassware. Suitable for home, hospitality and commercial spaces, the line includes everything from countertop washbasins and...

To create a restaurant lauded as one of the world’s best — as Barcelona studio Astet has done with Leña, in Marbella, Spain — you have to make it spectacular in every way, from the showpiece ceilings and the cozy banquettes to the bathroom. At Leña, the trip to the loo follows a luxurious arched hallway wrapped in corrugated brass sheets and micro-cement panels, a rarified experience that’s of a piece with the outstanding dining ambience. We asked Ala Zreigat, who runs Astet with Oscar Engroba, how they design these spaces with special attention.

Astet studio founders Ala Zreigat (left) and Oscar Engroba.
The bathroom design should fit into yet stand out from the overall scheme.

We always think of bathrooms...

Aura Pedestal by Kast Conrete Basins

Inspired by vintage forms, the Aura pedestal is made from a rugged material but given elegant detailing — fluting that plays with shadow and light — and a palette of sumptuous hues to make a quiet yet effective statement. The capsule-shaped series also includes wall-and surface-mount single and double-basin versions; all are offered in 28 colourways that range from subdued to saturated.

Kelston by Kohler

Leaning slightly more traditional, the Kelston pedestal sink highlights classic architectural characteristics with its smooth and subtly flared column and tiered rectangular basin. The wide deck surround provides a surface for toiletries and other items. Made from...

Sailing by Fantini

Designed by star duo Yabu Pushelberg, this shower set — including handles shaped like boat cleats — is part of the Sailing series by Fantini, whose headquarters near Lake Orta provided the main inspiration. It comes in three PVD finishes: matte gunmetal, matte British gold and deep black.

Euphoria by Grohe

Say goodbye to scalding sprays and icy blasts. Euphoria keeps temperatures under control, even as water pressure fluctuates, with its CoolTouch thermostat. The system consists of a 12-inch shower head (programmed with soothing PureRain) and a hand shower that offers a massage setting and luxurious yet water-conserving stream.

Rainstick Shower

The Canadian...

Minimum by Falper

Inspired by artist Donald Judd, the Minimum series by Milan-based Victor Vasilev emphasizes clean lines, proportion and composition. Complementing the pure forms is a curated palette of materials, from thickly veined marble and natural wood to durable composites like Cementobasic (a tinted and washable concrete) and Cristalplant Bio Active (a plant-based resin).

Formalia by Scavolini

A companion to the kitchen and living room systems that share its name, the Formalia bathroom features the same streamlined silhouette defined by a recessed and angled metal handle. Along with closed storage, the modular program by Italy’s Vittore Niolu incorporates the ladder-like Status wall system,...