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For Baovan, Clap Studio designed a blue dining area with dark blue tiles and three dining tables, illuminated by crescent moon shaped lighting fixture.

“Our challenge was to create an experience in accordance with the spirit and personality of Baovan,” explain the designers at Clap Studio. The Valencia-based design studio used a duality of colours and exclusive light fixtures to create an interior that feels like a secluded, yet playful, indoor paradise. 

After the initial success of Baovan, the first bao restaurant as a delivery-only service in Valencia in Spain, its creators began to dream bigger. For their first brick-and-mortar location, Baovan’s owners’ passion for surfing served as the perfect inspiration for Clap Studio, which was commissioned to design the space.

For Baovan in Valencia, Clap Studio designed and interior dining area divided by blue and orange paint. Blue side has large tiles and a crescent moon screen that acts as a light while the orange side has light peach tiles.

Guided by simplicity, elegance and playfulness, Clap Studio wanted to create a memorable experience for diners. The use of contrasting colours throughout the space divides the restaurant into three distinct sections, each making reference to the owners’ surfing adventures.

The modernist building in which Baovan is located has a narrow floor plan and no natural light. Instead of fighting these architectural qualities, Clap Studio saw them as an opportunity to create an immersive dining experience.

Immediately upon stepping onto the porch, Clap Studio’s design transports diners to a lush, green forest. Green painted walls and floor-to-ceiling fringe mimic the feeling of dense forest vegetation and give visitors a taste of the adventure they are about to embark on upon entering the space. 

Designed by Clap Studio, Baovan’s Patio dining area with green walls, dark green floor-to-celing ropes and rounded chairs.

The enchanting chromatic hues transition from forest green to warm sunset oranges, pulling visitors further into the space and deeper into the experience. Though much of the interior makes reference to exotic travel, the entry’s bright, glowing hallway pays homage to the experience of being on a secluded local beach. 

Designed by Clap Studio, Baovan has a Rounded orange hallway illuminated by a blue dining area set for ten guests.
Design by Clap Studio, Baovan’s Dining area is in the corner of the restaurant. With blue walls and deep ocean tiles, a custom neon sign lights up this corner and the textured clouds attached to the ceiling.

Further in the space, deep blue tiles are laid in a wavy pattern that takes visitors in and out of the water. The colours are illuminated by a custom lighting installation by Vitamin Studio. In a half-moon shape, the custom light cycles through the colours of the sunset — reflecting the duration of the dinner service happening that takes place below it. 

Designed by Clap Studio, Baovan has Dark blue tiles against indigo walls in layered pattern.

Floating above diners enjoying their meals is a covering of clouds that heightens the ambience of the restaurant. As light reflects off of this blanket of clouds, it gives the space a rhythmic movement. This magical effect further enhances the playfulness of the restaurant interior. 

Designed by Clap Studio, Baovan’s Private dining area with blue decor and a half-crescent shaped light reflecting a blue glow onto the wooden table.

Baovan is completed by a private dining area tucked away at the end of the floorplan. Seating up to ten people, this section was designed by Clap Studio to recreate the whimsical delight of a moonlit, al fresco dinner indoors. 

Designed by Clap Studio, Baovan’s Dining area with peach coloured walls and peach tiles complimented by round accent chairs and simple wooden tables.

Though the design is focused primarily on creating an immersive, environmental oasis, Clap Studio also incorporated crescent motifs throughout the entire space, a formal reference to the bao buns that bring people through the doors. The rounded shape of the window design and custom, curved Baovan chairs remind everyone that they are in for a treat — for their tastebuds as well as for their eyes.

Clap Studio Creates a Sunset Inside Baovan’s First Brick-and-Mortar Location

Through a duality of colours and texture, this immersive interior creates an enchanting atmosphere reflective of the owner’s adventurous spirit.

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