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The Iconic Awards 2024: Innovative Architecture is an award that honours both young designers and the finest achievements of internationally renowned architecture firms, design studios, innovative manufacturers and committed real estate companies.

The Iconic Awards: Innovative Architecture focus on pioneering architectural projects and sustainable solutions: Urban and landscape design that is socially and ecologically compatible, clever revitalization and conversion projects and new buildings with added value for the city and people.

Outstanding interior design concepts are characterized by a successful relationship with people, the perception of the brand and an equally careful use of resources. This standard continues down to the last detail and applies to every product design.


  • In the Focus of the Industry: The Iconic Awards 2024: Innovative Architecture secure you the international attention of the industry ­– because only pioneering top performances are honoured.
  • Greater Reach for your Project: You benefit from extensive press work via media distribution lists, social media channels, media partners ndion, atrium, meter, archdaily, designboom and competitiononline, and collaborations with (online) trade magazines.
  • Expand your Network: Every year, the award ceremony in Munich becomes a meeting place for the brightest minds in the international architecture industry and gives you the opportunity to present your project and network.
  • An International Halmark for your Project: Use the winning label for your communication – in the industry and beyond. As a winner, you will also receive access to exclusive marketing tools.
  • Prominently Placed: Winning projects are presented in a high-quality publication and are permanently on display in online showroom the ICONIC Directory.
  • Architecture: From urban concepts and green space planning, cultural buildings and educational institutions, hotels and restaurants to residential buildings, workplaces and hospitals. New constructions, revitalizations, and conversions of all kinds.


  • Interior: From exceptional retail concepts, restaurants, bars, and hotel facilities to the design of living spaces, offices, care facilities, and hospitals.
  • Communication: Outstanding holistic communication – at trade show booths, in advertising campaigns, or corporate designs for architectural firms, word-image brands for real estate projects, and urban concepts.
  • Product: All products that are permanently installed: from facades and doors to stairs and sanitary objects, as well as building technology.
  • Concept: Visionary ideas and (yet) unrealized concepts in the fields of city and architectural design, as well as interior design.
  • Iconic Awards, Innovative Material: When you enter a project or product in one of the main categories Architecture, Interior or Product, you also have the option of entering it in the superordinate category ‘Innovative Material’. The award particularly honours the innovative, careful and climate-conscious use of resources as well as particularly sustainable, energy-efficient and functionally and creatively versatile materials.


  • The award is open to architects, interior designers, engineers, specialist planners, agencies and design offices, companies in the construction and property industry and manufacturers in the fields of materials, building technology, fittings, sanitation, etc.
  • All projects belonging to one of the categories can be submitted.
  • The publication or implementation of the project may not date back more than five years ago. Excluded are projects in the “Concept” category, in which unrealized designs and visionary ideas are expressly allowed to be submitted.
  • The number of entries per company is not limited.
We rely on advertising revenue to support the creative content on our site. Please consider whitelisting our site in your settings, or pausing your adblocker while stopping by.
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