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Restaurants, hotels and other communal commercial spaces are having to respond to the new challenges and opportunities ahead. How can new frameworks and design layouts – both indoors and out – provide substantial and ever-relevant solutions?

On Tuesday, May 11 at 11 am EST, join AZURE Editor-in-Chief Elizabeth Pagliacolo for an engaging online conversation with Matthew Davis, co-founder of DesignAgency; Anita Modha, design strategist at Otto Design Group; and Kristen Lien, principal at FRANK.

This AZURE Talk will delve into which emerging trends, such as restaurant-retail operations and ghost kitchens, have staying power and explore the many creative ways in which businesses are combining various modalities – like office, hotel and restaurant – to entice patrons back as soon as they can.

Learn all about the International Business Lounge that DesignAgency is creating at Legacy Miami.

Matthew Davis is one of the three co-founders of DesignAgency, one of the biggest design success stories to come out of Toronto. The firm started out in the city in 1998 and now operates out of four international offices – including Los Angeles, Barcelona and Washington, DC. It has clients in more than 37 cities and 16 countries worldwide. In Toronto, it’s best known for two especially beloved projects: the Momofuku restaurant and the Broadview Hotel. But around the world it’s just as renowned for its design of Europe’s Generator Hostels, L.A.’s Neue House co-working spaces, and much more. Davis is currently working with the Hyatt Group in Cleveland to reimagine their historic landmark property and is designing Legacy Miami.

Kristen Lien is a principal at the Calgary architecture and interiors firm FRANK, which was established in 2009. The studio’s team of registered architects, interior designers, and technical experts, has completed more than 200 projects across Canada and the U.S.: these range from large-scale commercial projects that enhance urban landscapes and residential designs that elevate day-to-day life to  hospitality projects that provide authentic experiences and have become landmarks in their own rights. The firm’s hospitality interiors include Rundle Bar, Fairview Bar and Costello – all warm, richly layered and textured places.

Anita Modha is part of the strategy and design team at Seeds and Growth, an interdisciplinary team of cultural engineers comprised of anthropologists, spatial designers, copywriters, researchers and content creators. Its ultimate goal is to create next-generation spaces that foster organic growth and align with the new reality, and to create a generative foundation for development. Seeds and Growth is an extension of Otto Design Group, which is focused on the built environment, with projects spanning retail, hospitality and entire communities. The current project roster includes Intercrew (Richard Lam’s new American restaurant concept), a large mixed-use development in DTLA and a food hall concept called TownHall.

* This AZURE Talk qualifies for 1 CEU from IDCEC and 1 Structured Learning Hour from the OAA.

AZURE Talks: The Evolution of Hospitality

Taking place on May 11, this virtual AZURE Talk at IDS features Otto Design Group’s Anita Modha, DesignAgency’s Matthew Davis and FRANK’s Kristen Lien.

We rely on advertising revenue to support the creative content on our site. Please consider whitelisting our site in your settings, or pausing your adblocker while stopping by.