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Since the widespread introduction of indoor plumbing in the mid-1800s, relatively little has changed in the world of faucet design. Over the course of the 200 years since faucets were brought into our homes, we’ve seen technological developments but the design changes that we’ve witnessed have been relatively minor in comparison — changes in colours, finishes and styles — even though it is typically the most frequently used fixture in our homes. With Purist Suspend, Kohler introduces an entirely new type of faucet — one fit for this century.

Purist Suspend Design Story

What started as a pet project for Kohler’s industrial designer Drew Johnson, something that he would work on with his design team after hours, quickly evolved into an exercise of imagining what the tap of the future would look like and what functionalities it would possess. Recognizing that the typical faucet is often not the most simple or effective tool for the job — jobs like filling a pot with water, rinsing delicate produce, watering a plant or cleaning the sink, to name just a few examples — the design team set out to create a product that would be up to the full range of kitchen chores. Making these everyday tasks (among others) not just easier but more enjoyable is one of this faucet design’s most impressive qualities.

While the ceiling-mounted unit certainly gives the Suspend a striking appearance — and the faucet its name — it also adds leaps and bounds to the fixture’s practicality. Inspired by fishing poles, the hose’s length is completely adjustable by virtue of an integrated counterbalance, so the faucet can be added to any kitchen space, regardless of ceiling and counter heights, and can be used at a variety of distinct levels. The counterbalance also allows you to pick up any given task right where you left off: the hose stays at the last height used until readjusted for your next kitchen chore.

Building on the swivelling sprayers found in many commercial dishwashing pits, the Suspend is equipped with a 180-degree-rotating swing arm that allows both for easy placement and an extensive range of motion — the unit can go anywhere you need it to. Instead of bringing all your chores to the sink, the faucet effortlessly moves to wherever it is most needed.

Not only is the Suspend at the cutting-edge of design, it also integrates the latest in tech. Instead of a lever or a knob, this faucet is controlled by a remote puck with an intuitive interface — a design that could just as easily line the shelves of an Apple store as the countertop of a home kitchen. The water-resistant remote has a battery life of up to one month and can continue to be used while charging. More than a gadget, the puck not only provides increased flexibility in installation but offers several modes that optimally matches the Suspend’s performance to the task at hand: a 30-percent flow rate gently washes fruits and vegetables, while Boost Technology can be used to make quick work of filling pots and the MasterClean mode provides a steady spray to get your kitchen into ship-shape.

What began as a design for a futuristic faucet, resulted in a fixture that meets our current kitchen needs in ways that we didn’t even know possible. Combining analog ingenuity with digital finesse and contemporary styling, the Kohler Purist Suspend is a statement piece that is extremely adaptable and efficient — an exemplary instance of form following function — that makes the lives of its users both more seamless and exciting.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Kohler.

Kohler Brings the Kitchen Faucet into the Twenty-First Century

With the Purist Suspend, Kohler brings together novel analog design and technological innovation to create a completely new kind of faucet.

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