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Routes collection by Teknion

“Simplicity is inherent in the product,” says Luke Pearson of the London-based studio Pearson Lloyd. This ethos is embedded in the firm’s Routes collection for Teknion, a timely new series responding to the need of contemporary workplaces to rapidly — and easily — expand or contract. From stools to tables and screens to side chairs, the refined suite of furnishings is conceived as a “tool-box” that efficiently updates any work situation, whether adapting an existing scheme or creating an entirely new one.

Teknion desk, chair, stools, and tote
Elements such as the Mobile Soft Screen and Multi-Use Stool (shown in Blue Sage) are designed to complement one another as well as existing pieces like Teknion’s Essa Chair.

Each light-weight, sartorial piece is designed with both aesthetics and mobility in mind. The recyclable polypropylene Multi-Use Stool and metal and laminate Personal Tote cart, for instance, are fitted with wheels to enable fast configuration or to disappear entirely. “When you’re not using it,” Pearson says, “stack it in a corner.” 

The Personal Tote cart is a compact and highly mobile feature that fits into a wide range of settings.

Reflective of the line’s tubular character, the sweeping Arc Chair is a mesh-backed “generous seat” that’s “more about performance,” according to designer Tom Lloyd. Likewise, the agile Mobile Soft Screen quickly establishes privacy when needed while retaining a sense of openness and connectivity; its customizable textile surface creating unique atmospheres in any pop-up work zone. “You don’t need an instruction manual,”  Lloyd adds. “Just grab what you need and enjoy using it.”

Teknion Arc Chair with red Height Adjustable Side Table and table lamp on a round rust coloured rug
Height Adjustable Side Table with Arc Chair. The Arc Chair is designed for performance, as well as comfort.

This impressive versatility of the products themselves is complemented by Teknion’s accessible online platform, which expedites the specification process. Moreover, the design of each piece further aids in reducing both delivery time and the line’s environmental impact. For example, all Routes furniture pieces are available in a curated, designer selected, finish palette for the company’s Click & Ship program.

Chairs, desks, stools, and storage solutions from Teknion's Routes collection

Slender proportions, stackability and knocked down packaging of some pieces allow for efficient shipping, saving space while tying into the brand’s clear path from factory to warehouse to customer to user. The stackable 3-Legged Stool, too, not only uses less material through the removal of a redundant part but allows for side-to-side interaction.

Teknion and PearsonLloyd’s Essa Reimagines the Task Chair
Ergonomic contours and elegant lines combine for versatile office seating that’s tailor-made for today’s active workplace.
Teknion's stackable 3-Legged Stool in Signal Red
Riffing on a tractor seat, the 3-Legged Stool in Signal Red has one less leg to allow for use in a variety of ways.

Together, its unparalleled utility and performance combined with the distinct sense of comfort and craft Teknion is known for. Whether furnishing a work from home scenario or a brand new office setting, Routes has the succinct and stylish answer for what you need to work well. 

This content was published by Azure on behalf of Teknion.

Teknion’s Routes Collection Welcomes the Future of Work

The stylish and simple “tool-box” of intuitive furnishings nourishes spaces that are as playful as they are practical.

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