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Since the advent of cities, architects have looked for ways to bring nature into the spaces that they design. As the world becomes more and more urbanized and our immediate surroundings are more concrete than greenery, finding ways to bring the outdoors in is increasingly difficult. This is where VELUX products shine, giving architects and designers the ability to open spaces up — by looking upward.

Modular Skylights by VELUX installed in a modern, white, open house

VELUX is a world leader in creating products that bring daylight and fresh air into domestic and commercial interiors, with a line that ranges from skylights to sun tunnels. The brand’s Modular Skylights are an innovative and unmatched addition to the daylight products category. The world-renowned Foster + Partners collaborated with VELUX to create the skylight, which has resulted in a product that is unique in its ability to meet the needs of designers and seamlessly fit into any architectural project.

Exterior view of VELUX’s Modular Skylights with electrical ventring

Not only do they have a detail-oriented design, but the Modular Skylights, like VELUX’s full product range, are also extremely high performing. As the first completely prefabricated skylight of its sort, the Modular Skylight brings fresh air and natural light into spaces without compromising the integrity of the building envelope. The glazing system provides excellent energy performance, complete thermal stability, and structural strength. This level of performance is made possible in part by the skylight’s material composition, which includes pultruded fibreglass frames, either two- or three-layer glazing, and three glass coatings.

Ceiling fully glazed with VELUX’s Modular Skylights

Being both a prefabricated and modular system makes the skylight’s installation time significantly lower than comparable products. Flashing and mounting are factory supplied with VELUX’s Modular Skylight, making it a single-specification production and ensuring that it performs optimally.

Central skylight bay using VELUX’s Modular Skylights in a ceiling with open rafters

Even though they are prefabricated, VELUX’s Modular Skylights are also highly adaptable. Available in six configurations, the skylights can be effortlessly integrated into any commercial or residential building design. The optional integrated electric roller blinds add to both the adaptability and performance of the units, as they give users the ability easily and efficiently customize their indoor climates by controlling daylight, heat, and glare, according to the time of day, season, and personal preferences. The blinds are available in three colours that are suited any interior aesthetic. Similarly, optional electrically operated venting modules allow inhabitants to change how much fresh air enters the interior environment at any given time. Together, these features allow architects to allow to design spaces that bring in natural light and are connected to the natural environment, while still allowing inhabitants a way to prioritize their individual comfort.

Many of Toronto-based architect Omar Gandhi’s signature projects use natural light as an architectural feature — during VELUX’s seventh Daylight Symposium, he explains how he uses daylight to create spaces imbued with a strong sense of narrative. For the award-winning OG House, the architect’s family residence, Gandhi created a space that is defined by themes of height and light. To achieve the desired effect, the architect used VELUX Modular Skylights atop a double-height lightwell that extends from the first floor all the way to the third floor.

velux modular skylight in omar gandhi’s og house
velux modular skylight omar gandhi og house

Gandhi’s work exemplifies the virtues of bringing natural light into indoor spaces in thoughtful ways that adds to the architecture. VELUX’s Modular Skylights allow architects and designers to bring their visions of well-lit and well-ventilated spaces to life without compromising on design, budget or timeline.

This content was published by Azure on behalf of VELUX.

VELUX’s Modular Skylights Allow Architects to Bring the Outside In

Designed in collaboration with Foster + Partners, VELUX’s Modular Skylights are designed to integrate seamlessly into architectural spaces.

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