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September 2019

September 2019

Interior High Notes: Residential wonders in Atlanta, Whistler, Milan and more in Azure's September 2019 issue!

Focus on Ceilings
A Bold Wood-and-Bronze Sculpture Tops Toronto’s Arthur Restaurant
4 Baffle Systems that Add Style to Sound Insulation
The Wonderful Trompe-l’œil Ceiling at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh
Focus on Ceilings
Focus on Ceilings

Dark wood. Fine leather. Shiny hits of bling. Chase Hospitality Group’s wish list for their latest Toronto venture, Arthur’s Restaurant, initially included all of the staple ingredients for a traditional steakhouse. But rather than just emulating an old country club, the group’s design team, gh3*, sought to combine this time-honoured palette with the more modern, geometric character of the restaurant’s setting, an octagonal podium at the base of a 1970s office tower.

The local architecture firm’s skilful blend of sharp angles and suave sophistication is epitomized by the project’s showpiece: an eight-sided, nearly 12.5-metre-wide wood and bronze ceiling sculpture. Impressively, this gemlike construct also integrates sprinklers,...

Flux by Arktura

Though preconfigured, these easy-to-install, approximately 152-by- 182-centimetre hexagonal modules express a dynamic, site-specific character. A recent addition to the SoftGrid series, Flux can be specified in 30 colours and finishes, including the wood-grain texture shown.

Octave by Unika Vaev

Part of the Ecoustic baffle collection, Octave can be mounted on existing rail and suspension systems in horizontal orientations, as well as custom- installed to walls, suspended from cables or introduced as free- standing partitions. Two sizes of the recyclable PET fins are available; each is sold in 11 bold or neutral colours.

Switchblade by Turf

Over View, as its name implies, is a view overhead – and one that is transformative. The permanent ceiling installation – a massive 3D drawing – was created for the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh’s new Museum Lab, which spills into the former Carnegie Free Library of Allegheny. “It’s this really spectacular building, but it had been renovated pretty brutally at a few points over the last century,” says Brennan Buck, a partner at FreelandBuck, the firm that masterminded the design. “We were interested in evoking the history of the building, its gravitas and beauty.” To that end, the tex- tile structure belies the room’s actual height to reveal an evocation of its former grandeur.

From the centre point beneath the canopy, the viewer...