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Combination Steam Oven, Series 11

Fisher & Paykel’s Combination Steam Oven provides the best of both worlds: the functionality of an innovative convection oven combined with the precise temperature control and consistency of steam cooking. 

With Combination Steam cooking you can achieve restaurant-quality consistency and temperature control for perfect, predictable results at home. The precise temperature and humidity control of steam cooks food gently, evenly and healthily, removing the hassle from cooking fish or any ingredients with delicate textures. Steam preserves flavour and texture, enhances colour, and locks in nutrients. 

From Steam to Sous Vide 

Fine amounts of steam are released with accuracy and precision at a range of temperatures to ensure food is cooked gently and evenly. Perfect for entertaining, you can sous vide proteins such as steak and salmon before guests arrive, and simply sear when ready to serve. The flexibility of timing and accuracy of temperature control ensure perfect, predictable results every time. 

Gentle and Healthy 

Steam functions allow you to cook food in its own juices to retain nutrients, moisture and flavour. With five steam-only cooking functions including Sous Vide, plus four combi-steam functions, this oven lets you enjoy the benefits of flavourful and healthy restaurant-quality meals at home. 

Combination Steam Oven, Series 11

Multi-Function Flexibility 

A true multi-function oven, where the advantages of steam and convection cooking can be explored in full. You have the freedom to choose – whether it’s dry heat, moist heat, or a combination of the two, each cooking method creates a unique result. A Wireless Temperature Sensor precisely monitors cooking in real time, giving you complete control. 

Combination Steam Oven, Series 11

Cook with Confidence 

Using the large 5″ touchscreen interface, you can cook with a favourite method, a hero ingredient, or a go-to cooking function or recipe. Your oven will guide you through the steps, or change the temperature and heat type automatically, depending on your selection. 

Reheat and Restore 

Reduce household food waste by reheating foods with steam, which helps to regenerate moisture levels and ensure meals come out fresh and delicious. Use Steam Regenerate to reheat leftover meals such as roasts and risotto, while Crisp Regenerate is perfect for refreshing pastries, breads and pizza. 

Combination Steam Oven, Series 11

Complementary Design 

Every detail has been carefully crafted from the finest materials to support a considered kitchen design. This Contemporary style oven has a stylish black finish with stainless steel contrasts, designed to help you achieve a kitchen aesthetic that suits your design style. Pair with a Vacuum Seal Drawer for the ultimate kitchen solution. 

Exceptional Convection Performance 

AeroTech™ circulates heat evenly for a consistent temperature throughout the cavity, while ActiveVent technology ensures optimised moisture levels when using convection functions. Achieve perfect results even when you’re using multiple shelves. 

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