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Framery 2Q by Framery

A pioneer in the privacy pod industry, Framery recently upsized its meeting room to accommodate four to six people. Its largest yet, the booth measures 222 H x 235 W x 280 D centimetres, and can be configured with a meeting table (in two heights) with embedded power outlets and twin USB fast-charger and HDMI ports. A fixed power column within the automated LED-lit space can be equipped with brackets to hold monitors or a whiteboard, and thanks to a low threshold, the booth is fully accessible. For a more casual set-up, an upholstered L-shaped sofa can be installed, along with freestanding or floating tables. 

Gently rounded corners give 2Q a contemporary look and the pod can be customized with a wide range of laminate colour options for the Formica exterior frame. A structural sandwich made of sheet metal, birch plywood, recycled acoustic foam and acoustic felt provides a high level of sound proofing to combat the distractions in open-plan offices.

Tek Booth by Teknion
Teknion, privacy pods

A comfortable and well-ventilated space for individuals to make private phone or video calls or to focus for a short-duration on a single task, Teknion’s Tek Booth can be easily relocated as needed. The freestanding unit combines sound blocking and sound absorbing capabilities to provide an isolated spot to work. 

Teknion, privacy pods
4 Privacy-Boosters for Office Interiors
These versatile dividers, by HBF, GKD, Spinneybeck and 3Form, delineate space and conquer noise – some in one fell swoop.

Available in nine standard preconfigured versions or a completely customizable configurable option, with multiple colours, materials and hard surfaces to choose from. Tek Booths feature a motion sensor that turns on the dimmable LEDs and integrated ventilation system. The interiors can be equipped with power and tech, an acoustic tackboard, a bar-height worksurface and a bag hook.  

BuzziBracks by BuzziSpace

While not a conventional “pod,” this build-your-own architectural system by long-time BuzziSpace collaborator Alain Gilles does offer a respite in a bustling environment. BuzziBracks is a set of standalone frames that can be mixed-and-matched to delineate zones in large open spaces. Three heights are offered for the powder-coated metal framework – from 151 to 226 centimetres – as are multiple widths. Combined, they allow for layered arrangements that can accommodate single-users or larger collaborative groups. 

The second element of the system provides the privacy – both visual and audial. Panels of acoustic curtains in varying degrees of transparency and opacity are affixed to the frames to absorb sounds, offer softness and, with multiple hues available, can introduce a customized colour scheme. Finally, a collection of accessories from worktables, shelves and sofas to coat hangers and pin-up boards contribute to the flexibility and personalization of the micro-environments.  

Phone Booth by ROOM
Room, privacy pods
5 Ways to Get a Little Privacy in an Open Office
Open offices are great for collaboration and creative brainstorming, but sometimes solo space is needed. Here, some stylish privacy solutions from such brands as BuzziSpace, Dauphin and De Vorm.

Made of more than 1,000 recycled plastic bottles and shipped flat, ROOM’s phone booths emphasize sustainability as much as practicality; plus, the easy-to-assemble pieces require only one tool to build. A built-in desk and magnetic whiteboard, two integrated power outlets and an optional ethernet port create a functional spot to get some heads-down work down or make a personal call away from the open-office din. 

Room, privacy pods
Room, privacy pods

The privacy pod’s acoustically insulated walls are made from a combination of laminate, MDF, recycled plastic PET and 100 per cent wool-felt, with a magnetically sealed door further minimizing noise transfer. Two contemporary yet casual colourways are offered – crisp white and rich black – with both accented by oak hardware and grey interiors (with a limited-edition option that swaps the neutrally toned interior for a large-scale banana leaf print). 

Retro Pods by Duffy London

The quirkiest of the bunch, Duffy London’s Retro Pod is at once futuristic and vintage. Designed by founder Christopher Duffy, the disco ball-esque structures are a unique, semi-enclosed retreat for one-on-one meetings, small-group collabs or even quiet coffee breaks. 

Duffy London, Retro pods

Built-in bench seating and a fixed circular table maximize the internal space, with the gently curved walls helping to block noise and visual distraction. Handmade from sustainably sourced walnut or oak, the spherical privacy pods feature a faceted exterior of mirror-polished stainless steel in gold, silver or electric blue and a powder-coated steel floor and ceiling; an overhead oculus keeps air circulating.

Do Not Disturb: 5 Privacy Pods For Focused Moments in Open-Plan Offices

Whether for a group needing a place to hash out ideas or an individual looking for a quiet moment, these privacy-minded pods offer respite in noisy workspaces.

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