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Keilhauer conference chairs

Conference rooms are evolving. No longer staid and single-purpose — existing solely to host formal meetings — today’s spaces have transformed into much more flexible environments that foster everything from traditional team gatherings to spirited brainstorming sessions, collaborative charettes and quiet, personal moments of respite. Along the way, Keilhauer has stayed a step ahead of the trend, with the company’s new conference chairs continuing to drive improved workplace well-being.

The Simple chairs embody Keilhauer’s elegantly streamlined aesthetics and fluid ergonomics.

Throughout its almost 40 years of innovation, Keilhauer has created award-winning office solutions that are both comfortable and easily customizable. Dubbed Filo, Simple and Vanilla, Keilhauer’s contemporary classics epitomize the human-centric approach to design taken by the company. Take the elegant and versatile Filo mesh chair, which moves naturally with the sitter, thanks to its flexing arms. The aptly named Simple chair, contoured for optimal lumbar support, can be specified as either a fixed-height conference chair or a height-adjustable desk chair with arms. Vanilla, meanwhile, offers a subdued and timeless design that emphasizes comfort. These chairs pair understated forms with easy functionality and no-fuss mechanisms that allow employees to focus on one thing: the meeting. 

The Vanilla chair may be pared down – but it’s not so vanilla.

Over the past decade, Keilhauer has pushed the envelope even further when it comes to integrating modern aesthetics and high-design mechanisms that prioritize a comfortable and collaborative workplace experience. Debuted at NeoCon 2014, the Aesync chair — designed by EOOS — boasts a beautifully pared-down silhouette and allows synchronous movement between the seat and backrest. 

Designed by EOOS, the Aesync chair was a highlight of NeoCon at its 2014 debut.

Introduced four years later at NeoCon 2018, the Orign chair exemplifies the best of the “soft contract” movement. Another EOOS design, this sleek yet restrained chair is available in a range of warm, tactile finishes, with tonal options for the arms and base. The chair’s impressive ergonomics are also deftly hidden from view, enabling a deceptively simple form that belies the technical sophistication within. For instance, Orign uses a unique combination of springs, negative space and custom-tooled “fingers” to reduce fatigue and pressure on the sit bones.

Keilhauer conference chairs
Orign is available in a range of finishes and colourways, including the gray seat and back seen at the top of the page.

As the conference room (and the workplace) evolves, Keilhauer continues to offer conference chairs that fit various needs. Every product in the company’s wide range is fully customizable, allowing for a bespoke, personalized look for each office. Across its growing portfolio, a comprehensive selection of textile, vinyl and leather finishes is complemented by a wealth of mesh and powder-coated colourways. From black leather chairs for formal conferences to hardworking mesh-back chairs for the ever-rotating war room or comfortable fabric chairs for intimate meeting spaces, Keilhauer has the chair for today’s occasion — and tomorrow’s.

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