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“We’re cooking for a family of five,” Ali Budd says, “and we have our dream kitchen.” For the acclaimed Toronto-based designer and her brood, achieving a dream kitchen came naturally. Budd’s expert eye ensured an optimal layout and note-perfect finishes, and her choice of JennAir appliances elevated the feel and functionality of the luxe yet hardworking space at the heart of the home.

Marrying design and performance with technological innovation, JennAir appliances epitomize modern luxury. In Budd’s home, one of JennAir’s distinct design expressions, Rise, is a powerful focal point. “I love the warm detailing and the contours,” she says, highlighting the subtle touches – like the solid brass accents and the textured reverse knurling handles with asymmetric diamond grips – that bridge the worlds of professional and posh.

“Every single aspect of these products is masterfully executed, even the inside of the fridge is beautiful,” says Budd. While it is de rigeur to seamlessly integrate high-end refrigerators with cabinetry, JennAir column refrigerators also feature artfully refined interiors. “The inside of the column is crafted of metal bins and solid glass shelf frames,” notes Budd. The dark obsidian interior is illuminated by 650 LEDs to create a reflective and high-contrast style when open.

Meticulous attention to detail defines the brand, with the four pillars of craftsmanship, design, sound and technological performance at the heart of every product. Along with well-appointed materials and exceptional build quality (including the industry’s quietest luxury dishwasher), an uncommon degree of customization also distinguishes JennAir appliances.

In the marquee Rise and Noir design expressions, for example, the ranges are available in 34 different configurations and the JennAir columns are available with 12 one-unit options, 75 two-unit combinations and over 250 three-unit combinations, inspiring a bespoke solution for every kitchen. What’s more, the JennAir app provides unprecedented control over the custom appliances, allowing you to remotely pre-heat the oven and monitor cooking progress. “I’m not a tech person,” Budd admits, “but the app is incredibly easy to use and intuitive.” 

The JennAir Range also features the JennAir Culinary Centre which is accessible through the app. It provides step-by-step support enabling perfect results every time through customized algorithms, featuring full-colour food photography, doneness levels, pan types and menu-specific tips. For a busy family of five, “it makes a huge difference.”

With their understated opulence, JennAir’s Noir and Rise design expressions are undeniable standouts, but it’s their integration of a user-friendly app and durable finishes that helps them meet the demands of a young family. This is style married with performance. Or, as Budd puts it, “you can have beautiful things in a home with kids – you just have to have the right beautiful things.”  

This content was published by Azure on behalf of JennAir.

Modern Luxury: JennAir Appliances Complete a Toronto Designer’s Dream Kitchen

JennAir’s kitchen appliances provide a feast for the eyes and a functional haven for a bustling family home.

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